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Taronga Zoo Roar & Snore

As I gently stroked the surprisingly velvety feet of an echidna, I realised how fitting it is that its image should grace the reverse side of the Australian five cent coin: because this newly-hatched puggle was so small it could indeed fit comfortably on the coin. A puggle of course is a baby monotreme – either a baby echidna, or platypus, the only mammals that...

Travel the Whole WILD World at Taronga Zoo

Photograph by Rick Stevens for Taronga Zoo Pack your bags and grab your boarding pass to travel the whole WILD world this Summer at Taronga Zoo Sydney. Venture from the vast Africa Savannah to the forests of Asia and everywhere in between, all while meeting some of the zoos newest arrivals including a chimpanzee baby, Australian Sea-lion pup and five adorable...