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Super Seven Series

In this series of seven podcasts, prominent travel identities chat to TellmeWhere2Go about adjusting to the Covid era. From travel restrictions to how they view the current state of their industry sector, our guests discuss what they see ahead and how they’ve had to adapt.

We also asked them, where they’d rather be? The answers may just surprise you.

Tune in every Thursday for the next seven weeks as we release a new podcast and reveal who is a part of our Super Seven Series.

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Margot Andersen and Simone Pregellio

From the Insync Network Group and the Boomeranging Podcast

Margot and Simone are from the Insync Network Group which produces the Boomeranging podcast – a podcast sharing stories of returned Aussie expats.  Both are repats themselves, Margot from London, Simone from Singapore, and share a love of travel and for advocating for Australian expat talent. 

For more information visit insyncnetworkgroup.com

Georgia Rickard

From Phhnix

Georgia is a multi-award-winning magazine editor. The former Editor at Large for Virgin Australia, and editor of Australia’s largest selling travel magazine, Australian Traveller. She is co-founder of The Travel Bootcamp and The Modern Travel Media Summit, sponsored by TravMedia, a Destination Gold Coast Content Awards ambassador, a travel curator for Fairfax Media and a correspondent for Airbnb and a featured Airbnb Insider. 

For more information visit https://www.phhnix.com/home48620165

Campbell Wilson


We have a chat with the ever exuberant Campbell Wilson, CEO of Scoot – the bright yellow-tailed, low-cost airline, based in Singapore. With twenty-nine year’s experience in the SIA group, this Kiwi is a passionate and well-respected leader in the aviation industry. With flights resuming from Singapore to Athens and Berlin soon, he hopes to “rattle-any-snakes” out of all his planes and get them back in the air soon.

For more information visit https://www.flyscoot.com/

Rachel Oakes-Ash

From Miss Snow It All

Rachael Oakes-Ash is better known as Miss Snow It All, the name behind Snowsbest.com and the @misssnowitall digital platform for skiers and boarders that travel. Australia’s queen of the snow has been top of her snow media game for close to two decades with ten years as a Fairfax ski columnist before launching her own digital publication. You’ll find her on the slopes in Japan, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Europe and at home in Australia.

For more information visit http://www.snowsbest.com/

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