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RELEASE: The Super Seven Series

Listen to Seven Influential Travel Industry Identities

The first of a new 7 part podcast series dropped this week https://tellmewhere2go.com/

The Super Seven Series has arrived, and in the first of 7 episodes we have a wonderful chat to Margot Andersen and Simone Pregellio, who launched their own podcast after Covid hit and drove more than 500,000 Australians home, to find a very different country they left many years before. “Boomeranging” tells their stories of repatriation and re-assimilating.  

About Boomeranging

Boomeranging is a podcast sharing the stories of Australian expats who have returned home after many years overseas exploring how they survived repatriation and reverse culture shock. Guests share  how they navigated the logistics of career, friends and family to successfully find their new place at home…all without losing their global spirit.  Margot and Simone are co-producers of the podcast which has just finished its second series focusing on Australians who have returned during the pandemic.

Listen now on TellmeWhere2Go.com – a one-stop travel platform launched in late 2020, and where visitors from around the world tune in to listen to podcasts, offering varied topics, from etiquette in an Onsen bath in Japan, staying in a lighthouse, transatlantic antics on QM2.  travel anecdotes from some of the world’s iconic and cultural destinations, interviews, travel tales and good old storytelling.

Follow and listen here on your favourite podcast app https://tellmewhere2go.com/

With travel now opened up in Europe, USA, Canada and the Middle East, the wanderlust for learning about new and amazing experiences is even stronger.

The site’s functionality also allows subscribers to research dream destinations, all conveniently located under their world map “pin.” Read travel stories about all styles of travel, from pet friendly to adventure, LGBTQI, to family or couples, get tips on gear and access links to the 60+ podcasts via all major platforms including Spotify, Apple, Google etc.

There are also special deals on travel insurance, loyalty programs, competitions and much more.

The in-built Travel Agent booking widget, allows visitors to inquire about any product, and they can also make a booking directly from the site, via an experienced and licenced travel agent.  

Now entering its eighth season of podcasts, that highlight the extraordinary, quirky, hidden gems and characters of travel worldwide, TellMeWhere2Go.com is a one-stop drop for listeners around the globe.

Explore at ease, search by words, or by your preferred travel style, or just drop your mouse on a pin and see where it take you. Discover countries and places you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Listen to tales that explain, entertain and inspire dreams.

TellMeWhere2Go offers many sponsorship and product placement opportunities for travel-related experience and service companies, tourism boards, product manufacturers and includes commissioned stories, videos, image galleries and podcasts.

Advertising on the site and native advertising campaigns that reach over 1M eyeballs a month is also on offer from TellmeWhere2Go.com – just ask us at contact@tellmewhere2go.com

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