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Great summer getaways in our own backyard

Getaway, Australia’s longest-running travel program, will continue to transport viewers across the country and the world with its summer series, Great Getaways, coming to Nine and 9Now from Thursday, December 3, at 7.30 pm.

Great Getaways will embrace the delights of exploring Australia’s own backyard as well as revisiting a fabulous selection of inspirational international travel itineraries. In the first instalment, an all-Aussie adventure, the Getaway team round up some of the best experiences Australia has to offer, a sun-soaked list of destinations for adventurers and thrill seekers.

David Reyne encourages viewers to lace up their hiking boots and traverse Tasmania’s award-winning Bruny Island Walk, while Catriona Rowntree saddles up for a brumby-riding tour in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains.

Meanwhile, an underwater adrenaline adventure has Charli Robinson diving into the deep blue waters of Granite Island, South Australia, to swim with the Ferraris of the sea, bluefin tuna. Then David checks in to the Jamala Wildlife Lodge in Canberra, where cabins are dotted inside a zoo and giraffes and llamas are the guests’ neighbours.

Great Getaways celebrates all types of great escapes to complete the 29th season on Getaway.

Steve Collins spoke to presenter Charli Robinson about her adventures filming the show.

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