My favourite cevicheria in New York

Desnuda, East Village, New York City

Sure, this is a fairly specific category,  but the point is (like every other post in this blog), this is somewhere you should go! Desnuda offers spectacular food in an intimate surrounding, with everyone seated at the bar, and any establishment that serves predominantly ceviche (with a cool atmosphere, helpful staff and impressive wine list to match) is a friend of mine. In the heart of East Village, Desnuda is the perfect place to start or finish a night, if not spend the whole night!




My favourite art gallery

MoMA, New York, USA

I’m not really one for art galleries. I feel guilty for saying it, but my favourite thing about the Louvre was watching the zoo standing in front of the Mona Lisa. Being in Paris definitely worked in its favour, but the art was all a bit same same for me. The Museum of Modern Art in New York however, is a different story. Not only does it house spectacular masterpieces by Picasso, Monet, Matisse, Warhol, Cezanne, Rousseau and my favourite painting in the world, Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, but with live performance art like that of Marina Abramovic’s naked subjects, or Tilda Swinton sleeping inside a glass box, then you have my attention.