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Solo Travel

For anyone named Han ??? que??, or for those who want to do their own thing.

Sanur the Quieter Side of Bali

I’ve been a frequent visitor to Bali, Indonesia’s famed holiday isle. Bali is an island with many faces.  The predominant religion here is Hinduism, and signs of that belief are everywhere, with offerings, altars and small temples common in every home and workplace. The most popular...

A guide to travelling Rwanda solo

Rwanda is a perfect country to travel solo in. As a female traveller who has seen a lot of Africa, I cannot rate Rwanda high enough as a place you really need to visit. If you are seeking a traditional African experience – raw, chaotic and unhinged – you won’t find that in Rwanda. It is...

You can do Uganda solo

It is easy to see why Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa, a surprise gem hidden, waiting to be discovered. Often overshadowed by the more famous East African neighbours, Kenya and Rwanda, Uganda sometimes misses the boat when it comes to seeking an African experience. The truth is, it...