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Adventure Travel

Travel with some adrenalin attached with Adventure Travel.

Two wheels good

Swapping the honking of intolerant city drivers for the braying of buffalo on the plains of Africa, Paul Chai takes a two-wheel safari in northern Tanzania. There are a lot of firsts on this Intrepid cycling tour of northern Tanzania. We are the first group allowed to cycle through Arusha...

The heartbeat of Death Valley

Chaos Ridge… Devil’s Cornfield… Breakneck Canyon… Poison Spring… Coffin Canyon… Funeral Mountain… With names like that, would you want to visit such a place? Oh yes you would. Death Valley is a 3.4-million-acre wilderness of unspeakable beauty in the heart of California’s southeast...

Dream big: Canada’s wilderness backyard awaits

While health and safety continue to be a top priority, Canada’s vast national parks, epic mountain ranges and immense waterways are exploding in an autumn frenzy of colour and wildlife, reminding Aussie travel-lovers that big, beautiful Canada is looking forward to welcoming visitors when...