My favourite coastal drive

Pacific Coast Highway, California, USA

The Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1), one of America’s most famous highways, is a stunning 2500 mile strip stretching from the southern tip of Baja California to the top of the Olympic peninsula. We drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a convertible (essential) over 3 easy days. Passing through Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur (by the way do yourself a favour and have lunch at the Post Ranch Inn when it isn’t foggy), Cambria, Pismo Beach and Malibu, we finally ended up in West Hollywood to hang with the beautiful people.



My favourite pintxos bar

A Fuego Negro, San Sebastian, Spain.

In the core of San Sebastian, the Parte Vieja (Old Part), you will find A Fuego Negro. This tapas bar is a diamond in the rough of San Sebastian bars (which are all pretty good and fun anyway). But A Fuego Negro, an ambient bar of dark decor highlighted with red accents,  is a standout in that it serves “Nuevos Tapas” which loosley translated means “not the same shit you get in all the other tapas bars”. With cool hip hop playing and helpful staff who will politely try to understand your poor Basque before handing you an English menu, you can try the likes of ceviche with pomegranate foam, olives with vermouth gel, Playboy bunny (rabbit) with garlic, and frozen cheese with anchovies. Get your fix of tortilla de patatas, stuffed peppers and croquettes elsewhere. This place is where you will find the best pintxos in San Sebastian, if not Spain.